No matter how hard you’ve tried to clean it – poop stains seem to never go away. We all know how much of an eyesore having poop stains in your carpet can be. No matter if you have cats, dogs, or even a new baby, knowing how to get poop stains out of your carpet can help you ensure you are able to keep your carpet looking great. To learn how to read through these basic steps from carpet cleaning of Tulsa in order to get ideas.

First, don’t allow the stain to fester. One of the keys to avoiding stains altogether is by picking it up as quickly as possible. That way, you can avoid allowing the stains to set in properly which can end up making it much more difficult to get out.

To start, begin to scrape off any excess poop that you can find on the carpet fibers. To do it, you can use a fresh baby wipe or even a moist paper towel and look to pinch the fibers of the carpet to ensure that you aren’t pushing the poop deeper into it. This will allow you to pick up as much of the poop as you can.

Then, you will want to mix together a homemade cleaning solution consisting of two cups of cool water, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and one tablespoon of white vinegar. You want to ensure that the dish soap you are using doesn’t contain bleach or else you might ruin the color of your carpet. Caution: Prior to attempting any sort of stain remover on your carpet, you want to test it out. You can do this by testing it on a small area of your carpet. Use the solution and see how it works and reacts with the carpet fibers to minimize the chances of permanently damaging your entire carpet.

Once you have tested it and have got the green light, you can pour and/or spray the solution directly onto the stain. Begin using the solution by blotting the stained area until the liquid is completely absorbed. From there, you will want to continue to repeat until the stain is no longer visible. This might take a lot of patience and effort depending on how large the stain is and how difficult it is to remove it. Ensure that you aren’t pushing down nor rubbing the stain. This will only make the stain worse. Likewise, you don’t want to overuse the solution that you are using as it could result in damaging your carpet. (Professional Tip: Consider using a disposable paper towel or even a rag to effectively blot the stain. That way, you can throw them out later on).

As soon as the stain has been removed and it disappears, you will want to either spray or pour a small amount of cold water on the area that you just cleaned. Again, you will want to blot this area to remove any of the excess solutions that might be on your carpet. Once it is dried, you can then drop some baking soda over the area that you just cleaned. Allow it to sit for around 10 minutes prior to removing it. From there, you can take out a vacuum cleaner and get rid of the baking soda using it.

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, things happen. By using these basic tips to get rid of poop messes quickly, you should be able to avoid a lot of poop stains that can be difficult to get rid of. If you are in need of professional carpet cleaning assistance, you can contact the experts at Carpet Cleaning of Tulsa. We have the right amount of expertise, professional equipment, and the highest quality cleaning solutions to give us the ability to remove even the toughest stains to ensure your carpets look brand new.